is a SEO Consultant based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Flavio is an online marketing Consultant, primarily focused on international Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Analytics.

He has been described as having “a mind that is extraordinarily characterized by analytical creativity” with a “solution-oriented” mind-set. A team player which is able to “build and maintain relationships easily” and who has a “thirst for knowledge and self-improvement”. He is of Italian and Brazilian nationlity.

He is currently responsible for all SEO activities of a major, high quality Swiss photo development company,market leader in Switzerland and Finland.

Prior to this he has worked as a SEO Consultant for HolidayCheck AG (part of Tomorrow Focus AG), where he oversaw all international SEO activities.

He has a honours degree in Management & Financial focused primarily towards investment banking, portfolio optimization and risk management. He has experience in developing marketing related SEO strategies and during his free time he is an avid photographer and blogger.

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Flavio’s Education:

Before moving to Switzerland he attended The University of Westminster in London, where he graduated with a BA Honours in Management and Finance. Focusing in Investment banking and portfolio optimization.

He also participated in a one year exchange program in Nice, France at the Institut de préparation à l’administration générale (IPAG)and focused primarily on subjects relating to international business and international business culture.

During his studies he launched two online portals and also worked as a portrait photographer with projects including lead Catwalk Photographer for the Monte-Carlo Fashion Forum in Monaco.

What are Flavio’s interests?

He is interested fields relating to Online advertising, in particular SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He also enjoy Economics, Financial markets, Statistics and photography.

Where does Flavio currently live?

I live in the city of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland on the northern Swiss border between Switzerland and Germany.

Looking for Flavio’s professional summary?

He is a SEO Manager for Ifolor AG. During his free time he is Editor-in-chief of and where he manages a number of freelance writers and guest authors. He uses them to test the many SEO hypothesis he has which would be impossible to test on a major eCommerce platform such as HolidayCheck AG or ifolor.

You can find a more up-to-date professional summary on his LinkedIn account.

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You can contact/follow him on Google Plus and Twitter account, alternatively you may contact Flavio at [email protected] in English or Portuguese

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