Flavio Longato

Flavio is a marketing professional with over seven-years’ experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Analytics within the Travel, Photography and Recruitment industries.

He is a Senior Product Manager for a leading headhunter portal in Munich, Germany and is a Managing Director of a boutique Organic Search (SEO) and PPC Marketing agency.

Prior to this he has worked as a SEO Manager for HolidayCheck AG (part of Tomorrow Focus AG), where he oversaw all international SEO activities and lead ifolor SEO team.

During his free time, he is an avid photographer and blogger.

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Flavio and I started the same day as FTE at Experteer and I will miss him as an always positive and motivating colleague.
For six months we worked very closely on the product development of the job search of Experteer. Thanks to his expertise in SEO our company made a huge step forward to acquire more users through organic channels. His deep knowledge in SEO combined with his strong analytical skills were a huge contribution to our team. Additionally, he always had an open ear for me and I learned a lot from him.
If you look for somebody who knows his ways in SEO, fights for what he think is right, thinks ahead, and has a positive impact on the team spirit, you found the right guy!

Manfred ThurmProduct Manager at Experteer GmbH - Munich, Germany

I really enjoyed working with Flavio. He has expert knowledge in many areas, especially in SEO and website management. He has a strong analytical mind while being creative at the same time. And he is still very eager to learn new things and to improve every single day.

Beside his knowledge, Flavio is just a great person to work with. I was really impressed by his strong will to make things done. You will never hear a “we cannot make this” – there is always an “ I will figure out how we can do this”. He was an invaluable support for the whole International team at ifolor.

I highly recommend him and I am sure that Flavio will be an enrichment for any company and team.

Jochen BarannDirector Consumer Business at Experteer GmbH - Munich, Germany

Flavio is extraordinarily creative when it comes to analytical challenges. In addition to that he is very social, builds and maintains relationships easily. He is always eager to learn and dig deeply into topics. He is very responsible. lt is a pleasure to work with him

Constance LandsbergCEO at Skoobe - Munich, Germany

Working with Flavio has been an enriching experience. Flavio is a doer, delivering the best practices in the market for SEO. Always updated in the latest trends which is crucial in the online marketing business. He is very transparent with his work and he delivers 110% of what he has been asked by Stakeholders.

As a manager, Flavio really worries that his juniors learn from him and his practices, and he always emphasizes how important it is to do things right. I could say now that everything I know about SEO I owe it to Flavio: always willing to help and always willing to make others laugh. He would always enlight the work environment with his charisma, and he would make any work place a funny place to work. Such a great experience working with you.

Esther Nathalie SantosData Analyst at Experteer GmbH - Munich, Germanywww.experteer.com

Flavio is an outstanding e-Marketing specialist with a profound understanding of internet marketing and the ability to leverage online opportunities to the fullest. He is a very analytical person with a strong expertise in SEO. Flavio continues to pursue new digital marketing avenues and is always learning in order to keep up with this constantly evolving frontier.

I worked together with Flavio at ifolor AG with the aim of building new markets. He is full of ideas and a great and enthusiastic team player.

Sonia RodriguezManager Online Marketing Loyalty International at ifolor AG - Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

From the moment I met Flavio he demonstrated that he is extremely intelligent, diligent and goal oriented. He is keenly devoted to his work and never gives up on anything. Flavio is always looking for new means of learning, he is adaptive and all in all an incredibly enjoyable person to be around.

There is no questioning that Flavio has a strong grip on SEO. He consistently took on challenging roles and then performed over and above what was expected of him.

Although there are many strong qualities that Flavio possess, his biggest strength is his positive attitude and his ability to stimulate enthusiasm and inspire everyone around him.

Kate McMullenMarketing Coordinator at Smiggle, London, UK

Having worked on a major project with Flavio, I know how focused and driven he is. Not only this, he motivated our group to produce a high quality presentation and report to which we were awarded great marks.
Flavio is lively and brings energy and enthusiasm to his work and colleagues. He was a great person to study with and was always helpful.
Not to mention that the ‘Study Blog’ came in useful for many of us while studying at Ipag. A great all round person who I’m sure will continue to do big things in the future.

Lyndsey RaffertyCommercial Executive at Musselburgh Racecourse, Scotland

During my time at HolidayCheck, Flavio was always there to help me and actively encouraged me to ask any questions and for his advice. He proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and over the year, I developed a sound knowledge of SEO and online-marketing from him.

He is full of ideas and always pushed himself to beat his targets and improve his working methods such as the SEO dashboard that he created.

I strongly recommend Flavio and wish him all the success in his future

Rebekah ZachejOnline marketing intern at HolidayCheck AG - Bottighofen, Switzerland