Alternative Ways Students Can Fund Themselves Whilst Studying

Paying for college is expensive, and it can take years to pay off student loan debt. Scholarships and financial aid packages often don’t cover everything. With all of the expenses, you may worry that you’ll end up eating noodles every night for four or more years. It does not matter where you study in the world from Richmond University in the UK, to Harvard University in the US luckily, students are still facing the same issues. Luckily, for those pro-active students there are a number of alternative ways you can fund your education and decrease your debt.

  1. Find out if your employer offers tuition reimbursement. A surprising number of companies will pay for your classes, especially if the coursework is relevant to their business and will help make you a better employee in the long run.
  2. Work on campus. Campus jobs often limit the number of hours students are allowed to work, so you will still have time to study. Even if work-study isn’t included in your financial aid package, it is worth looking into. Some students who are offered work-study may not use it, so there could be spots available. If not, ask your university to wait-list you for when an opening becomes available.
  3. Get a summer job. If you find it too stressful to work during the semester, a summer job can be a valuable source of money. Even if you don’t earn a lot or work full time, it will give you work experience that will make you more employable in the future.
  4. Search for scholarships from professional organizations. You may find a professional group related to your major that will provide you with a scholarship.
  5. Check out campus contest and raffles. A lot of times, universities will offer prizes for completing surveys about student life. They may be giving away free books or credit on your meal plan.1375685165_ea09e082ca_o[1]
  6. Buy used textbooks. College bookstores often sell books at much higher prices than online retailers. Selling them online can also get you more money then campus book buybacks. If you don’t need to write in a book, see if it’s available at the university library.
  7. Start your own business. Starting a business is easier than you think because everyone has a unique, marketable skill. Maybe you’re skilled at graphic design or have experience babysitting. These are the kind of jobs you’ll be able to schedule around your studying that require minimal start-up investment and can prove to be a handy and reliable source of income.Tutor other students. Students may be struggling in a class that you’ve already taken, and tutoring is a great way to earn income from your knowledge. Some colleges have programs that will pay you for your specialization, but don’t be afraid to advertise on your own.7658219802_46bbb17722_o[1]
  8. Be a research subject. Colleges and universities often conduct research studies and will pay you to participate.
  9. Do your dorm mate’s laundry? You never know – your fellow class mates may need some help with certain things around campus. Most college students hate doing laundry, and you will undoubtedly find people in your dorm who will pay you to do it for them. This job is especially easy because you don’t even have to leave your dorm.

Although the expense of college can see intimidating, you shouldn’t let it hold you back from getting an education. There are plenty of creative ways to fund your studies if you are determined and prepared to put the work in.

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