Be Critical – Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

In this presentation Simo explains that Google Analytics default metrics are “defaults” which should be amended for each business.  That businesses should understand each metric before making business critical decisions.

The Rant

The major problem with Google Analytics is that it is designed for the masses, it is meant to fit overall businesses.

Google analytics works for different busineses

“Reporting on a single metrics or snapshot of a funnel is like telling only the punchline of a joke”

Google analytics - reporting on single metric

Sessionization schema

Event tracking schemas

  1. Interaction events
  2. Page view events

Transactional Schemas

These are sessions with an eCommerce transaction.

  1.  All sessions data is arbitrary
  2. Data quality is something you work towards
    1. Make metrics / KPI’s more meaningfull
    2. Stay away from aggregate metrics
      1. Segment
      2. Customize
      3. Combine
      4. Visualize

Aggregate > Segment > User centric > Cohorts > Predictive

  • How can an arbitrary, fictional metric ever be a good KPI

Presentation by By Simo Ahava @ Netbooster – Head of Analytics Twitter: @SimoAhava