Is the future of SEO inbound marketing?

Recently I’ve been asking myself this very question:

Is the future of SEO inbound marketing?

I am asking because I’ve noticed a shift from tasks I once did 1-2 years ago, compared to what I do now and with all honestly backlink acquisition has almost disappeared from my vocabulary.


When I started doing SEO

I started doing SEO when the entire SEO environment revolved around “Backlinks”, all we talked about was optimizing anchor texts and having “in-content” backlinks in “high quality” websites. Then came “guest-blogging” an SEO’s best friend. It allowed us to publish cheap low-researched / generic articles on thousands of average domain authority blogs. A process that started from a few blogs per month to a fully automated and scaled to its fullest, where the only KPI’s where Domain authority and Relevance.

Then Google came and broke everything, they backslapped the SEO community and said enough was enough and with all honestly, I am glad that they did, Google targeted link networks/farms, targeted paid links and guest-blogging platforms and all the blackhat bs in the bucket (forum spamming, comment spamming, sitewide links, widget in footers etc..).


Inbound marketing

Because of search engines determination to clean up the web,  I’ve noticed a change in the industry for the good and I can see that the industry is focusing on other KPI’s such as social signals and strategies which are mostly defined as inbound marketing.

What is inbound marketing?

… inbound is about creating and sharing content with the world. By creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more. – source Hubspot

I think that the below presentation describes quite well what I am referring to:

So,what do you think?

Do you think that the industry is becoming less “backlink centric” and is becoming more focused towards inbound marketing? And if so, should we therefore change our job titles from SEO to Inbound Marketing?

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