BrightonSEO April 2014

BrightonSEO is a conference dedicated to all things search. It started about from a gathering of a few SEO gurus a few years ago and I believe it is one of the leading SEO conferences in Europe. Here are some of my notes whilst attending and I’ve embed some of the slides.

Import, data cleaning and formatting

Regular expressions:

  • //
    • Great tool to check if the Regex expression is correct and also to learn how to write regex.
  • Excel tools:
    • ASAP utility //
  • Google spreadsheet:

Next Analytics tool to export Google Analytics data to Excel

Introduction to pivot tables

  • Count the number of levels of a domain by removing e.g. “/” and then count the length of before less after which will give you the exact number of “/” removed.
  • Extract keyword data from webmaster tools and than compare it to web-trends data.
  • Variable named cells use offset function to counta.

Link building

There is no magic formula for getting backlinks and the scale ability has decreased significantly over the last few years due to google’s updates.

If most links are related to content marketing, than how do you create the ideas needed, how do you optimize your idea creating process?

Look at Bernd Rohrbach an ad executive, a method he used to generate 160 ideas in 30 minutes:

Brain storming for ideas

  • You need 6 people
  • A simple worksheet
  • time: 30min
  • Start with a problem statement
  1. round 1: 5 minutes. 3 ideas each, all in complete silence pass the work sheet to the left
  2. round 2write 3 ideas inspired by the last 3 you’ve been handed for 3x more rounds.

Other methods:

Verbal brainstorming

NUF testing is a great way to narrow a long list of ideas: each mark upto 10

  • > how new is idea
  • > how usefull is it
  • > how likely is it to accomplish objective
  • > resource needed

Seek impartial feedback

  • – test Q/A to get feedback

Asset generation: thorough audits of content:

Reclamation sessions

  • Image
  • Fresh web alerts in

Get really good at tactics that can be applied cross niche

  • Like creating stories from surveys
  • Platforms
    • Google consumer surveys

Offline efforts:

Work closely with other organizations to get back-links and do something REAL.


Start on day 1:

  • Find people who mention your brand
  • Find companies who mention yuor industry
  • Find customer who write about your products

Import all these contacts to Buzzstream with all the information you have about the person.

Try alternative contacting methods such as with letters or by phone as they are “disruptive”.

Image link building, very effective:

Share images on Flickr under Creative Commons and tell people how to attribute and description how to atribute, do SEO for images on Flicker,

3 rules for images

  1. Let the image speak for itself
  2. crop to your advantage
  3. one size doesn’t fit all

Find images that are real:

  • //

Read Google’s visual guideline and take that as an example of how to do CI.

By @vickekaravian

Cool things you can do with WordPress

by @HathawayP – SEO commic

Automate stuff IFTTT & zapier

All you to connect one application to another >

Streamline workflow

  • – explains how to create an automation solution for creating content
    • indesign plugin now free

Use plugins and Themes:

  • SlickQuiz – a free tool to create surveys
  • Parallax scrolling Pages
    • example /

Example of visual site:

Interactive Content

Perfect web-page

FE International – < used advanced custom fields

Q: Do links still matter in 2014

By #majesticseo

He describes how caracteristics are inherited much like a family tree and it flows down the tree (authority). This is the same concept for “link juice” not just directly linking to them, it could be the “mention” etc..

Topical page-rank

Based on the context around the page / website, there for links/pages in contexts inherit. Trust comes with Context.

Links are leading to authority objects, therefor high authority sites will rank rearly and if they do it will be extremely relevant. whilst bad sites will link more out.


limk. Prospects

By webdurance

  • Link pr
  • fullcontact person API
  • followerwonk:
  • twitterchats and hashtag
  • linkys
  • ospects
  • inlink
  • outwit hub and bloglovin
  • Disqus


Engagement & Branding

[slideshare id=33938290&doc=brightonseo2014-140425064725-phpapp02]

The Habits that Land You Links

[slideshare id=33894119&doc=brightonseohabitslinks1-140424065318-phpapp01]

Delete Google Analytics – a Crazy Idea you MUST consider

[slideshare id=33910149&doc=killinganalytics-140424134117-phpapp02]

Technical audit checklist

[slideshare id=33888673&doc=peterhandley-brightonseo-april2014-140424040140-phpapp02]

Google as Predator by David Sewell

[slideshare id=33847841&doc=brightonseo-googleaspredator-140423080857-phpapp01]

How FTSE 100 Companies Use “Boring Content” To Make Billions

[slideshare id=33636238&doc=brightonseo-april14-slideshare-140417035543-phpapp01]

Day to Day SEO for Content Producers

[slideshare id=7545376&doc=brightonseo2-110407034851-phpapp02]

The Global Site Migration Monster

[slideshare id=33915012&doc=katedreyer-sitemigrationmonster-140424155518-phpapp01]


[slideshare id=33791045&doc=brightonseopresentationslideshare-140422033532-phpapp02]

How Journalistic Principles Will Shape Digital Marketing

[slideshare id=33903676&doc=juliapresentationrevised-140424104729-phpapp02]

Stop Blind Marketing, Start Selling Through Content

[slideshare id=33901032&doc=brightonseoslidedeck-mattevansv2-140424094752-phpapp01]


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