Content analysis – See your site in terms of funnels

By @SimoAhava from netbooster

Respect the stateless web

Things like intent and content efficiency are difficult to unveil in the stateless environment.

How do you reliably persist state?

  • Browser cookies
  • HTML Storage
    • localStoarge.setItem(‘articlread,3’)

The issue is when someone flushes the cookies or deletes the html storage therefore the data becomes meaningless.

Solution could use server-side computation but how to overcome the this problem of stateless collection? Forget KPIs?

Enhanced eCommerce for content

Traditional eCommerce analytics only look at sessions which end with a “receipt page. With the Enhanced Ecommerce adds funnels such as:

  • Product impressions
  • Click on impr.
  • View product details
  • Add to cart
  • Checkout step 1
  • Checkout step 2
  • Checkout step 3

Enhanced eCommerce shifts the focus from conversions to the entire journey.


  1. Implementation
  2. Activation

Enhanced Ecommerce for content


 Internal promotions

Allows you to understand the relationship between promotion impressions and actions taken on it.

Implementation tips

  1. Determine the terminology:


Then, work on data collection.


  1. Leverage the Data Layer
  2. Feel free to leave something out if it isn’t relevant
  3. Design the data collection with analysis in mind – not (just) because its fun and cool
  4. Read Google’s Dev Guide
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