Exams – Media Evaluation

Since exam time is coming up, I thought I would share some of the key points that are crossing over in various marketing subjects. This should serve as a summary, but also as a discussion point so you guys can add your comments and build on the knowledge.

My first post concerts Digital & Direct Marketing and Marketing Communications. At this time, the focus is on Direct marketing, but I shall update with more general marketing ideas as well.


I hope you find this useful and please add your own thoughts on the comments and I will amend this.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Media
Strengths Weakness
Websites consumer initiates the dialogue
search engines make reaching your audience easier but sections of society will be cut off
content can be effectively communicated but still a lot of technical support needed
very popular with customers
Easy and cheap to test
Short lead times
high supplier control (media ownership still not an issue)
Email easy to measure effectiveness must have opt out systems in place and considered privacy issues
cheaper to set up and send emails are easily lost in the noise and considered noise
convenient and easy for both suppliers and customers
very quick to organise, personalize and send (1 to 1)
growth of spam means that people are more sceptical
Direct Mail highly targetable but you need a suitable list or database
responsive very expensive
payback can be outstanding needs commitment from internal management
creative medium (allows for wow factor) but “junk mail” led to view of down-market
good for details but can be seen as intrusive
when, well done can be very personal must pay very close attention to detail and not get it wrong(detrimental to image)
Outbound telemarketing highly specific in its targeting but the most expensive and takes a lot of effort
very powerful in getting response poor practice (outsourced call centres, etc.) can alienate consumers
intimate and flexible ( you can change message) but needs close management and requires good CRM – call recording is a good solution
immediate response (good for testing) but message needs to be kept simple and creativity is lost
best relationship medium
Inbound telemarketing Fast and convenient for the customers but can be very expensive and service delivery is often poor
must customers are vary comfortable on the telephone but some sectors are still reluctant
flexible: where services and sales meet requires intensive internal management (call volume, training call centres, etc.)
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