Five of the world’s best surfing locations

If you love to surf then chances are that the beaches here in the UK probably don’t quite cut what you are looking for. In this situation, you might be forced to look elsewhere to get your fix of great waves and even greater surfing action! If you are looking for something away from home then here are five of the world’s best surfing locations that you might consider:



Hawaii has had a long-term association with some of the world’s best surfing locations and if you are surfing professional then chances are that this is one of the places that you will look to head to. Hawaii offers a wide range of beaches with some of the best surfing conditions in the world, it’s also home to some of the world’s best surfers. Surfing is a way of life in Hawaii not just a past time, so if you are looking to learn you will be able to pick up the skills and tricks easily with the help of some of the locals.



Indonesia is home to some of the world’s great surfing locations, but Bali is perhaps one above the rest. It’s a popular area for many tourists and it is home to some great waves. In addition, it’s a relatively cheap area so if you are looking for a surfing break which isn’t going to break the bank, Bali could be just the place that you are looking for.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Looking for sun, surf and great waves? Well the Gold Coast has got it all and complete with great weather, this is one area of the world where you will be able to get a really great surfing experience, and a good holiday, at the same time! The Gold Coast offers so much variety in terms of beaches, so regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer there is something here for everyone!


California is perhaps one of the most heavily publicised areas for surfing and if you are looking for the full US surfing experience then you can’t go past California. The combination of great weather and big waves mean that you can get the ultimate surfing experience – so what are you waiting for?


The Philippines is one area of the world which is often forgotten about when it comes to talking about surfing, but great waves and relatively quiet tourist spots can actually make this a popular choice. If you want to surf without a thousand other people around then this is a great location to do that – and catch some great waves at the same time.

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