French Observation 2/3

It has become apparent during the few months ive stayed in France that the French really defend there rights, to the point that they go on strike demanding change, or going against something they disagree with, its always a nice reminder that the government is here to service “us” and they are not higher then us. The French really know how to show the government that “we the people have the power”, it’s a right, which is guaranteed In theFrench constitution.


I believe that this really reflects the need for the French people to show how they feel, I’ve also noticed that the French really like to talk, they really like to express there feelings, be it in words, or even in the arts, that’s probably why where are so many great French artists. But because they like to take ownership of a conversation, and sometimes even disrupt you in the middle of you saying something, this is seen as rude by many cultures.


Because of the strike I have heard many stories from my friends about having to cancel Journeys because of this, but I know that this affects all the country, I feel that its hard doing business in a country which sometimes stops for one, two or even three days, I’ve even hear that in 1996 the country was in a strike for more then 30 days.


Despite having this events personally disrupting my plans, I agree with them, I agree that we must fight for our rights, in some countries including my own, I have seen the government create stupid laws, which affect the entire country and the population is just so use to the government not having there best interests in mind that they don’t do anything and just let it pass by, they complain about politicians whom have stolen millions of dollars and they re-elect the same person.


I don’t know why the French strike so much but I believe that it is because of their history, because of the French revolution because the people in France with a feeling of a common goal.


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