London – Cultural Capital of the World

A visit to London allows you not only to immerse yourself in a city steeped with a rich history but also to enjoy some more modern delights, from modern art, culinary delights and fashions hot off the cat walk. A city offering too much for a short city break or weekend getaway it will leave you wanting more. But if you are lucky enough to find yourself visiting London here are a few of the best must see attraction to create a fun filled day in London.

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Tate Modern

Start the day with a trip to the Tate Modern in the Southbank area, a truly mystical way to start the day. Grab a coffee from one of the local independent patisseries on the way to prepare you for some of the most bizarre and artistic pieces the world has to offer! The Tate is a word renowned, modernist art gallery and the most visited modern art gallery at that in the world! Crowds swarm in their droves to the museum to see these weird and wonderful, and sometimes controversial artworks and it is certainly an event not to be missed. Currently on show at the Tate this summer is Ellen Gallagher: AxME. Other thought provoking exhibitions are on show at the Tate and coming soon is Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life in early September – a particular treat for art lovers.

Covent Garden

Only a short underground journey from the Tate Modern at Southwark tube station is Covent Garden; where you will find some of the most interesting shops and eateries in the city. Trawling around the Tate for one morning is enough to build up a sizable apatite and Covent Garden offers some of the best varieties of food from quick and easy first class street food to Michelin star restaurants. While your lunch goes down walk around the streets of Covent Garden, amaze at the architecture and enjoy some of the street entertainment – from jugglers, comedians and human statues there’s bound to be something to keep you entertained here!

London Science Museum

The London Science Museum is perfect for an afternoon trip and is ideal for kids. A major tourist attraction again, be prepared to queue, but it is well worth the wait! The museum holds a collection of thousands of items from steam locomotives, jet engines to other fun yet educational features including the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket – Enough to stir children and adults of all ages! A truly interactive experience it will entertain for hours but by this time your stomach may be telling you it’s time for diner!

 China town

When you can pull yourself away from the Science Museum why not visit china town, this corner of Soho contains a number of Chinese restaurants, and other Chinese-run businesses that let you try some of the delicacies prepared by natives as if you were really in China. The streets are lined with different eating options so finding somewhere for a Chinese inspired feast would be no problem at all.

The West end

After your meal visit the West end and enjoy a show – follow the bright lights to these streets lined with theatrical talent. The Lion king has been running since 1999 at the Lyceum Theatre, the well known story is brought to life with spectacular colours, costumes and choruses. Or test out one of the newest West End attractions: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a newly listed performance with rave reviews.

London nightlife

After this if you can avoid the lure of the many cocktail bars and pubs and clubs that create the typical vibrant London nightlife go back and put your feet up at one of the thousands of hotels London has on offer, from 5 star luxurious spa hotels to budget B&B’s there is bound to be a place for you to rest your head after a long day sightseeing in London.

The London experience is a truly unforgettable one, from the art galleries, museums, shops and restaurants it has earned its title as cultural capital. I would urge anyone to take a trip to this beautiful city and experience what is has to offer first hand.

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