Musee d’Histoire des Sciences

The Musee d’Histoire des Sciences from Geneva is a museum dedicated to scientists who lived or who worked in Geneva along the time.  It was inaugurated in 1964 as a consequence of the enthusiastic wish of a group of passionate association. At its inauguration the Physique Institute and the Observatory had exposed their ancient instruments. The Musee d’Histoire des Sciences is located on Villa Bartholoni on the 128 Lausanne Street or 128 rue de Lausanne in the park named Perle du Lac. The location is great and you can enjoy the natural surroundings the same time.

At the Musee d’Histoire des Sciences you can observe the sky trough telescope and you will get an introduction to astronomy. You will be able to see old equipment and instruments as telescope, weight and measure instruments, galvanometers and many other tools.

Musee d'Histoire des Sciences

If you get in Geneva you can get to the museum by bus 1-25 (stop: Secheron), by bus 11-28 (stop: Jardin botanique or Botanic Garden), by tramway 13-15 (stops: Butini and France) and by shuttle “Mouettes” M4 (stop: Chateaubriand). Also you can get there by railway that is 5 minutes walk away distance.

You can visit the museum every day between hours 10 am and 5 pm except Tuesdays when it is closed to visitors. The museum admission is free for all visitors including temporary exhibitions. There are guided tours for groups but there is an admission fee except for the Geneva schools. The fee for one hour visit of maximum 20 persons is CHF 110 generally and for weekend and evenings the fee is CHF 150. For schools from other region than Geneva the fee is CHF 20 in general and CHF 30 for weekend visits.

There are two meeting rooms available for rent in the museum: one of them is large lounge and loggia and the other one is in the basement.

If you have the chance to visit the Musee d’Histoire des Sciences you will have a great opportunity to learn about astronomy, measurement tools and equipments and about discovers that the Genovese scientist have made along the time. So do not miss this opportunity.

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