One of my main passions is photography, the way you are able to frame a moment in time and allow others to appreciate it, to be able to travel the world and take photos of moments which will never come again and most of all meeting amazing talented people along the way.

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I believe photography is not simply taking a photo, it’s showing the world my angle on life, my view of what’s happening around you, it’s being able to notice the little things around me.

I believe that in this modern age people are losing touch with the simple things, they are always surrounded by gadgets which take their attention of things around them and for me this is very true as being a financial analyst and a web developer I have to constantly check my e-mails, support/server status, I am constantly being bombarded by information, so photography for me is my means of turning off and getting back to real life.

I have worked in many photography projects during the last few years, from setting up deviantART DEV meeting in London to photographing motorcycle enduro Races in Brazil and doing fashion photography at Monte-Carlo Fashion show. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and hopefully will continue to take photos in my spare time for many years to come.

If I had to choose what photography segment I most enjoy, I would choose outdoor portrait photography. I enjoy it because you get to know your team better, its enjoyable and because you spend more time traveling with the client, you are able to talk more about their needs sometimes its a mission in its self getting to the location, in one photoshoot we had to take off-road motorcycles as cars just could not get threw the remote trails.

I personally dislike studio photography and have turned down many jobs because of it, I feel that studio photography is simply too fake, you don’t get to know the client, its sometimes rushed in one day or a few hours, and it starts becoming a “production line” where every single client is placed in pre-determined scenarios by your studio layout and I simply hate it, the benefit of outdoor photography is that no to clients will get the same pictures and I always strived to research the best places to take new photos.

Sadly because of time limitations I am not working as a freelance photographer but I do plan to continue taking photos for a very select few past clients, not because of the money, but simply because I enjoy it.

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