Planning a photography trip of a lifetime in Switzerland

Switzerland is a photographer’s dream. From spectacular mountain scenery to rolling valleys and pure blue lakes, with the quintessential sound of cowbells in the background, this is the place to capture nature’s epic landscapes. If you are planning a photography trip of a lifetime in Switzerland, then here are some top tips to get you started:

Land of mountains

The only issue you’ll have with capturing Switzerland’s exceptional tableau of mountain images is deciding where to start, and also what to do with the thousands of photographs that you will invariably take once you return home. The Jungfrau Region is a must for photographers hoping to capture breath-taking snow-topped mountains – there are countless walking trails that allow you to get close to nature and photograph the landscape from every angle. This is a tourist destination, so it’s worth arriving early in the morning to capture the sharpest light with the least crowds.

Capture Switzerland’s best lakes

If it’s hard to select the best mountain locations in Switzerland then it’s virtually impossible to choose the most spectacular lakes with so many stunning offerings across the country. Our favourites are Lake Lucerne, blessed with the most scenic variety available in Switzerland, and Lake Brienz, a typical alpine lake with a backdrop of snow topped mountains and a highlight of the Giessback Falls to enjoy. The variations of colour from the lush green hills to the pure blue waters of the lake itself, with a scattering of traditional alpine chalets in between will ensure that there is a photographic opportunity around every corner.

Chillon Castle – an unmissable stop on your photography trip

If you are looking for the ultimate in iconic photographs of Switzerland, then a visit to medieval Chillon Castle is a must. Perched upon a rocky island with snow-covered peaks and Lake Geneva in the background, this is a photographic opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. Aim for sunrise or sunset to capture an image of the castle coming out of a magical mist – unforgettable.

Capture the city spirit of Geneva

It’s easy to assume that a photography trip to Switzerland will focus purely on landscape shots of mountains and lakes, but the diverse and colourful city of Geneva should definitely be a core part of your itinerary. The landmark Jet D’Eau shoots 140 metres into the sky and plays wonderfully with the light – it is best seen from the stylish Bains des Paquis or from a boat cruise on the lake itself. Carouge, a village within the city, is a mixture of Mediterranean and Bohemian, and is the place to capture locals enjoying lunch, artists and performers to give you some great Swiss portraits and a taste of city ambiance.

Switzerland is a real gem of a country for a photography trip – exceptional landscapes, snow-capped mountains, lush valleys and glistening lakes give you everything you need for a photographic portfolio that you can enjoy for years to come.

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