SearchLove 2014 – London

SearchLove is hosted by Distilled  and is an annual SEO conference focused primarily towards SEO specialists (both in-house and agencies). What I really love about the conference is that its NOT SALES! It feels more like a bunch of fellow search professionals discussing the future of the industry and sharing their experiences on what has/has not worked.

Existential Crisis Management

By Hannah smith

Hannah smith at searchlove london 2014

We (Marketing specialist) should help company’s that struggle to find ways for their brand to be meaningful, therefore we must help companies find ways to make their brand meaningful.

Hannah also talked about the evolution of the SERP pages, how in todays world its not just about being the 1st position in SERPs and continued to say that building a branding is fundamental.

Brand – To impress family’ fix ineradicably; place indelibly – therefore a brand is not a brand unless it leads a lasting impression

She concluded that brands should focus more on social content which adds to the sharers identify to the content and whilst you should have a line which you should not cross.

The Landing Page Manifesto

By Oli Gardner

Landing page optimization by Oli Gardner

Competitor content audit


  • – Good for content audits – it allows you to gather information about that particular url from other source.

Landing page optimization by Oli GardnerOli gives examples of best practices for on-page conversion optimization, he talks about how campaigns should focus entirely on 1:1 key goals, he gives examples such as Atlasians Jira landing page and how it has too much content.

Stop being useful, and focus on the conversion funnel… Do not design (landing pages) like wikipedia

He talks about “attention ratios” and gives more examples of what not to do and “stop words” which you should not use in CTA’s. He gives 10 rules on what to and not to do.

Silence is better than bullshit

Design rules: Point people on where they should go.

The Measurements behind your integrated marketing strategy

By Machenzie Fogelson – @mackfogelison

Measurements behind your integrated marketing strategy

Measurements behind your integrated marketing strategy

Machenzie talks about the process of telling clientes/stakeholders the importance of long-term goals and how to focus on  the majour measurements / kpi’s and showing them the importance of branding, not just SEO.

What is an integrated approach to work?

It is a transformation that happens from inside the company and accomplishing real world goals that promotes and improves the business over time

It forces companies to have an identity and be authentic. They know that they (the company) are not perfect, but they are real and authentic.

How does this turn into business value?

It creates a communities around your topic and helping that community be proud that they are part of something.

  • Through community and integrated marketing –
  • Determine the goal
  • Creates your strategy
  • Create a process
  • Cycle through your cycle for 90 days

How do you communicate the value in a process such as above?

Demonstrate the path of conversion, how doing what we do will create a conversion funnel however this is extremely hard, therefore directly measuring is almost impossible, therefore always start with goals.

Determine campaign goals > Business and brand goals > Visionary goals

This process creates a positive brand experience on all touch points.

Don’t measure anything unless the data helps you make a better decision or change your actions

Turbocharging your WordPress Website

    optimize woWordPress

  • penine – heart internet
  • whm vps optimized
  • error handeling –
  • itheme security
  • css sprites
  • respnosive imagse
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