Backlink audit steps

We are very experienced in performing backlink audits across a wide range of platforms, from small firms to major market players, using a process which involves manually checking each website which links back to you. This ensures that every backlink and website is in line with Google’s Quality Guidelines, therefore minimizing the risk to your website.

The backlink audit process is divided into four steps. We will keep you up to date on each step and will work together with you to ensure that Google and other search engines accept the reconsideration request.

Discovery and backlink audit

The first step is determining exactly which websites link to your web site. We use a number of sources and our own crawlers to determine which backlinks are active. From that, we can remove around 30% of the backlinks, using a quality process which involves checking backlink structure, analysing the page where the link is and the authority of the domain.

Once we have a final list of sites to audit, we can then start manually checking each web site and give you an exact price.

Backlink removal process

Once each backlink has been manually classified, and any which could possibly harm your website have been flagged, we will provide you with the full list and you can decide if you would like to contact these websites yourself or if you would like us to contact them on your behalf.

This process takes some time as the contact information for each site has to be acquired before starting.

Reconsideration request

Once we’ve given enough time for the sites to amend the backlinks, it’s time to inform Google of the steps we’ve taken and give them a list of websites which have not responded to our requests. This is what is referred to as the reconsideration request (if you have already been penalized).

Request a free backlink report

Don’t know if you need a backlink audit? See if any of the below points apply to you:

My main source of revenue comes from organic search traffic

I’ve received a message from Google informing me that my site has been penalized

I’ve seen a large decrease in organic traffic to my website and I don’t know why

If yes, then don’t risk losing your traffic! We can provide you with a free backlink report of where your website stands, whether you need a backlink audit and how much that would cost.