Tigga.org – How I got into SEO

Tigga was a university project I undertook to understand the challenges of crowdsourcing content. At the time I didn’t have the understand I have today regarding SEO, in particular link-building, therefore I opened the doors to too many do-gooder content writers which were actually trying to acquire back-links for their clients/websites.

tigga.org print screen

How I learnt about blogger outreach

As Tigga offered the opportunity for external writers to submit content, I received hundreds of emails each month from companies/agencies wanting to submit content to the website. I learnt a lot from their outreach tactics and adapted the most creative ones to my own outreaching strategies.

Tigga helped me learn about blogger outreach which aided me tremendously when developing blogger outreach strategies for a major German travel platform. – Flavio Longato

Bloggers and SEO agencies – a continuous bombardment of spam

It was getting extremely difficult to filter out good content from spam, I’ve used many tools such as Akismet to filter them out, but what happens when your sites model is completely around user generated content? It is a constant battle to  read through emails and trying to understand the biases of each writer. Therefore I  found myself asking 3 simple questions;

  • What are the goals of this writer?
  • Why are they interested in submitting an article?
  • Are they representing a client and want to acquire free advertorials?
Example of spammy comment left on tigga.org

Example of spammy comment left on tigga.org

Sadly the answers to these questions where mostly directed towards cheap seo agencies looking for quick wins for their clients.

Search engines like google has proactively gone against these practices and have since then update their webmaster guidelines to include:

Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links – Google Inc

I personally welcome Google’s efforts to try and decrease the benefit of these backlinks so that these stakeholders will decrease their efforts of spamming the internet.

Where is Tigga now?

Since then I’ve tried to clean up the content and get the website to focus more on international affairs. Sadly I found it to be too much time consuming and therefore I have placed the website off-line until I can properly assess what direction (if any) to take with this project.

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