“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost

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I believe that travelling anywhere, even to the next city, enriches your life immeasurably. This is because when you travel, you experience so many things first hand that you can’t do on the computer – and you can’t help but come back from your travels somehow more enlightened, cultured, and worldly.

Many people these days are satisfied to surf the Internet, looking for cheap flights and dreaming about going somewhere, but when you make actual traveling a priority, you make a commitment to better yourself through a hands-on education that you can only get by going there – wherever there is. As a perpetual traveler, I love everything about the destinations I visit – the food, the culture, the festivals, the leisure activities, the festivals, the music, the people, the languages, and the landscapes. But you can use your own interests to narrow down the places you would like to explore in person and then start looking for the least expensive ways to get there – which is sometimes half the adventure of traveling.

Santis, Switzerland

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Traveling awakens the senses

The first things that I notice when I travel are through my senses. The aromas, the tastes, the fresh air, and the visual sights are all signs that a new adventure is beginning. Temperature is also something that can change immediately when you travel, whether it is hot or cold, and the food and drink change with it.

Depending on where you go, you may be looking forward to freshly brewed coffee or a cool beverage made with locally picked fruit. An ocean breeze may be waiting for you or icy mountain air, but you can be sure of one thing, many different things to see and enjoy will surround you wherever you travel.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow, Russia

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Travelling stimulates the mind

Living in Switzerland, I have the opportunity to hear and speak different languages, so linguistics is always an interest of mine. As well, learning about different cultures, civilizations, history, architecture, art, music, and literature from other countries can give you an idea of how other people think and how the place they live has shaped their lives. So more than anything, travel lets you understand the world we live in and how it came to be that way.

Whether you’re reading a menu in a different language or listening to some live music in a square, or even taking a tour of an historic building, you are learning about a whole other way of living that will really expand the way you think. Leisure activities like swimming, skiing and hiking in another country will also give you an appreciation for the world around you and how different the terrain is from where you live. Even taking different forms of transportation like a ferry boat or a mountain train will give you a new perspective on how other people go from town to town, get to work, or complete daily tasks like shopping.  Of course, shopping in a different country and using foreign currency is an educational experience all on its own.

Traveling challenges your stamina

Everything on a destination’s website looks like fun, but keep in mind that sightseeing, shopping and exploring take a lot of energy. This makes traveling a great time to see what you are made of. I like planning a trip that includes sightseeing for my mind, but also activities like hiking where I can get some exercise and check out the scenery. Whether you are traveling to a body a water, the mountains or even just taking a city break, you can find something to do outside that will let you get some fresh air and enjoy the landscape. Plus, you can get a sense of satisfaction from completing a hiking trail, a difficult ski run, sailing across a lake, or even walking a city’s entire historic district.

Traveling means meeting new people

Whenever I travel, meeting new people is perhaps the most enlightening part of the trip. This can be fellow travelers from other parts of the world or local people who live in the destination where I am traveling. It doesn’t matter. What you will find when you travel is that people have much more in common than what you might think – because we all share the bond of the place where we are visiting. For me, traveling is a wholly engaging experience – starting with a notion of where I want to go, carrying out my plans, and then enjoying the memories while I plan my next travel adventure.