Enjoy your Valentines in Geneva in these 5 Romantic Hotels

Geneva takes a lion share of all the visitors who come to Switzerland every year. This is attributable to its inexhaustible tourist attraction sites. Surely, you will need more than one vacation to cover all the wonderful destinations and even if you manage, you will always have the nostalgia of coming back.

Throughout the year numerous tourists, flock this city. However, the number increases during significant dates and seasons. Valentines is one of the most celebrated days in the town. The city bursts with lots of activities during this time.

There are several sites for couples to spend valentines day in Geneva, like to frequent. One of the places is the Old Town, which hosts the famous cathedral that has a tower, but you will need to endure 157 steps to reach the top. From the peak of this church, lovers enjoy a magical view of the whole city.

There are also parks, the magnificent timepieces such as the English Garden watch and the amazing Jet d’Eaux; a fountain which shoots water to a height of 140meters. There is so much to enjoy and will definitely need a peaceful and romantic hotel to spend your vacation with your partner.

Five Romantic Hotels to Spend Your Valentines

Grand Hotel Kempinsiki, Geneva

This cozy hotel is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is strategically positioned to provide a stunning view of the popular spout and Mont Blanc. In addition, it is located in close proximity with the city and the nearest plane terminal. This hotel is a perfect place for Valentines celebrations. It has large suites which is more than enough space for two. The rooms have a magnificent décor, with floor-to-ceiling windows, to provide you with adequate viewing space.  You do not have to go for a beauty therapy session in town, since there is a Spa right in the premises. The qualified staff presumptuously presents their food and drinks.

Metropole Hotel

This luxurious Swiss hotel is situated on the left side of the lake. It is located a few-minute walk from the famous fountain and Old Town. It boasts of 111 elegant guest rooms and 16 VIP suites. The hotel offers great environment owing to its interior decoration and amazing lighting. There is 24-hour room service. You can request for anything with the room dial phone, and somebody will be there to help. They also offer delicious meals that are prepared by excellent chefs from fresh produce.  At the rooftop of this grand hotel, is a terrace from where you can enjoy the scenic view of the expansive lake.


This luxurious hotel is situated right on the shores of Lake Geneva. It dates back to 1872. The hotel has elegantly designed guestrooms that are equipped with modern facilities to make your stay very memorable. The expansive windows allow you to watch the lake and the surrounding Mountain, from the comfort of your room. Dine at the Windows Restaurant as you view the large mass of water. In the evening the whole hotel comes to live, as visitors treat themselves to nicely prepared cocktails, while listening to contemporary music in the renowned Leopard Room and bar.

Mandarin Oriental

Just a few minute-walk from the historic and the financial town of Old Town, stands Mandarin Oriental. It is strategically located on the banks of River Rhone. The interior décor is amazing and you cannot fail to fall in love with it. This is a nice place to spend a night or two with your significant other. Warm colors adorn the walls while most parts of the floor surface, boasts a luxurious marble touch. The elegant guest rooms have large windows which start from the floor, to give you a nice view of the turbulent waters of the big river. You can have a romantic dinner at Le Neptune restaurant and make your lover feel special.

Le Richemond

This cozy hotel is situated on the banks of Lake Geneva. It is right opposite Jet d’Eaux and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. It is easily accessible from the train station and international airport. Their guest rooms are nicely designed and with modern facilities to give you both unforgettable experience. From the balconies, you can clearly view Lake Leman and Brunswick Gardens. Enjoy some Italian cuisines from the main restaurant. Treat your love to a spa treatment in their modern Spas.

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