What are the best SEO plugins for Chrome

Here is a list of the best Chrome extensions for someone working with SEO.

SEO Quake

Great tool to give you an overview of all the SEO metrics of a website, it also offers export functionality in Google SERPs. Be very careful to always have this plugin deactivated, and only turn it on when you need it. It has a tendency to keep pinging Google services which might get your account / IP Blocked.


User Agent Switcher

Need to see if the content on a page changes when the user agent changes? Or have a website where the content might slightly differ for search bots. Use this tool to change your browser user agent



When doing international SEO, we often need to see the SERP from another country, NordVPN is a great tool to do just that! Simply select the country you want to use and thats that. TIP: Try to use incognito with this is activated so that you don’t have any location cookies present in your browser.


ahrefs (PAID)

Ahrefs is an amazing tool, sadly it


Buzzstream (PAID)


Ghostry (PAID)

You should always have a tool to block websites from tracking you around the internet. So this isn’t really an SEO plugin but a best practice.


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